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Draft Beer Systems

AlaBev has a full service Draft Beer Department that is dedicated to delivering and serving Brewery perfect beer. We have the experience and expertise to install and service all types of draft beer systems.

Additionally, even though we install and service all makes and models, AlaBev recommends the following suppliers of draft systems and parts. We have successfully worked with these companies and installed their systems for decades.

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Please contact AlaBev's Draft Department through the form below should you have questions or the need for our draft beer services.

Your message will be sent to our Draft Department Manager. Thank you

Alabama Statute 20-X-8.11 Keg or Draft Beer

Any beer wholesale licensee selling draft beer may furnish without charge to a retail license holder only the following equipment:

The device for tapping the keg.

The CO2 lines and beer lines from the keg and CO2 bottle to the faucet.

The tap knob.

Any other equipment necessary to dispense draft beer may only be furnished by the  wholesale licensee to the retail licensee upon recovery of the costs of installation of said equipment.

A wholesale licensee may provide the services of cleaning draft beer lines at no charge to a retail licensee.

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