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Coors Banquet Beer

A Tradition of Excellence More Than 130 Years Old


Coors Banquet was first brewed more than 130 years ago by Adolph Coors and only distributed east of the Mississippi River since 1981. Coors Banquet came to Alabama in 1983. Adolph Coors founded his brewery in the foothills of Golden, Colorado so that he could brew with the finest water from the Rocky Mountains.


Additionally, Coors Banquets' ingredients include Moravian Barley, pale malts, six different kinds of hops (Chinok, New Zealand Hallertau, Perelman, Taurus Hallertau, Tradition Hallertau and Sterling) and a lager fermentation process.

Western Spirit - Old World Style Flavor


Coors Banquet is still brewed as the example of a classic beer with old world style flavor, yet it is imbued with a western heritage that makes it uniquely American. It’s a craftsman’s beer brewed on a macro scale. Coors Banquet is still only brewed at one brewery in Golden, Colorado as it was from the very beginning. Coors Banquet is never heat pasteurized but highly filtered so it can be kept cold and unchanged from the brew kettle to packaging. The Coors Banquet Brewmasters operate under a code of excellence, with uncompromising standards, to ensure that each beer is of the utmost quality.

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