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AlaBev Statement on COVID-19 Protocols

AlaBev has made sure that our employees have access to the practical support and resources needed to maintain the sanitation protocols that help us and our colleagues stay safe and healthy. AlaBev is proud that it was already fully engaged doing our business online allowing many of our employees to seamlessly work remotely. 


We have a number of business-critical employees who are needed on-site and for delivery to maintain the integrity of the supply chain and have implemented a number of precautionary measures that are compliant and/or exceed CDC, and Government recommendations, including:

  • Social spacing protocols

  • Enhanced sanitization

  • Mask protocol compliance

  • Robust internal communication relaying CDC and Government advice and directives 


AlaBev's portfolio includes not only alcohol beverages, but a portfolio of alcohol free beverages including fruit juice, water, electrolyte beverages, healthy choice beverages and energy beverages. Some of our suppliers have shifted production to include hand-sanitizer and other sanitizers, and AlaBev has begun distributing these products to accommodate the growing needs across Alabama. 

AlaBev is fortunate to be considered an "essential business" servicing the state of Alabama with our refrigerated fleet selling, delivering and servicing food stores across Alabama. AlaBev is doing this and more to ensure we continue to provide our portfolio of products safely and professionally to the retail customers and public consumers in the state of Alabama. We are grateful every day.

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